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Gothic Witchcraft

Tortured Artists and Monsters Galore

Victorian Gothic Witchcraft
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Welcome to the Victorian Gothic Witchcraft experimental community.

This community was created for the express purpose of exploring the underlying power and energy structures of the Victorian time period, particularly as expressed through gothic literature and its application to witchcraft.

Your hostess is blackthornglade.

Associated Journals

blackthornglade - moonlight's Realm, the daily natterings and ponderings of moonlight
darkmoondreams - Creative Writing Journal, currently focused on the National Novel Writing Year
realmofannwn - Journal of selected pagan writings
realmofmidnight - Journal of darker thoughts and creative writing, often BDSM oriented
cauldrondreams - Journal for Annwn's Cauldron, pagan oriented blog for the website
whipkissed - Journal for A Sliver of Moonlight, BDSM oriented personal website.

awhipskiss - Moderated community focused on BDSM
altrealities - Community to explore alternate realities and alternate lifestyles/modes of living
victoriangothic - Experimental community for the exploration of Victorian Gothic Witchcraft
thicketeers - backup forum for A Witches' Thicket located on the Delphi Forums system
wingsofblack - private community for Dragon Clan Witchcraft members

Offsite Forums:

A Witches' Thicket - Staff, pagan discussion forum
Annwn's Cauldron - Hostess, discussion forum for the Annwn's Cauldron website.
Gothic Witchcraft: Life's Darker Side - Hostess, Victorian Gothic Witchcraft, semi-mirror site of LJ Comm, has some different material.
Otherkin Realms - Hostess, discussion forum for Otherkin and related topics.