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Literary Gothicism: Overview - Gothic Witchcraft

About Literary Gothicism: Overview

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Second piece that gives us a bit of background as well.

Literary Gothicism: Overview

In the context of British Romanticism, "Literary Gothicism" is a type of imitation medievalism. When it was launched in the later eighteenth century, Gothicism featured accounts of terrifying experiences in ancient castles - experiences connected with subterranean dungeons, secret passageways, flickering lamps, screams, moans, bloody hands, ghosts, graveyards, and the rest. By extension, it came to designate the macabre, mysterious, fantastic, supernatural, and, again, the terrifying, especially the pleasurably terrifying, in literature more generally. Closer to the present, one sees Gothicism pervading Victorian literature (for example, in the novels of Dickens and the Brontës), American fiction (from Poe and Hawthorne through Faulkner), and of course the films, television, and videos of our own (in this respect, not-so-modern) culture.


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