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About What is the Gothic?

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The following appears to be a course outline/notes regarding what gothic literature entails. I think it makes a nice outline of information for what we're looking at here in this community.


--"the darker side" of life; a world of pain and destruction/ fear and anxiety which shadows the daylight world of love and ethereality

--gothic fiction consists of a set of analyzable displacements about what it means to be a human being and gendered;

--it strains at the limits of mortality/immortality; morality/immorality; reason/emotion; order/disorder; mind/body; masculine/feminine

--gothic fictions are structured as case histories of types of insanity

--we as readers are asked to adjudicate various diagnostic accounts

--pleasure/pain dichtomy: why do we enjoy reading these fictions?

--the fiction as essentially a regressive fantasy: we peer back over our own personal history because all psychotic states are simply perpetuations of landscapes that we have all inhabited at some stage in our early infancy (we all outgrow our "madness")


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